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The latest manual in the “Move-Pak Guides” is now completed The Insurance Agency Guide to Movers.

Unlike the other Guides, this one is specifically designed for agents and brokers who insure and service the moving & storage industry. Producers generally have the expertise in the industry, but it may take a long time for customer service representatives or trainee producers to understand the operations of moving clients and the important service priorities.

This manual can be a reference and a teaching guide for your employees.

Here is a summary of the contents:

  • What Movers Do and How They Operate – a brief description of local, regional and long haul operations as well as descriptions of household goods, office & industrial, special products, mobile self-storage, and freight forwarding operations
  • What Equipment & Tools are used in the Moving Business – pictures of the various types of trucks, lifts, crates, storage vaults and other equipment
  • Glossary of Moving & Storage Terms
  • Service Requirements and Priorities for handling moving accounts
  • How to Evaluate a Moving & Storage Account – summaries of the lines of business to be insured and what conditions could make the account acceptable or not acceptable to insurance companies.

The Guide is available now in limited quantities, and will soon be available through Movers Choice Online and

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