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Celebrating Insurance Career Month

February is Insurance Careers Month and we are celebrating our awesome Mover’s Choice team and our fabulous broker partners! I tapped one of our brokers to share what he likes about working with Moving clients, and here’s what he had to say:

“Movers are my favorite clients for many reasons! Moving & Storage company owners are hard-working folks who worked their way up, learning every aspect of the business, which is extremely unique compared to other industries. In addition, we share the same incredibly competitive business environment: In every city there are a ton of movers and a ton of insurance agents who can provide a cheap quote. We both have to work hard to win by providing more than just a product or service…we have to consistently deliver on a promise to protect the business owners’ most valuable asset (their business) and movers have to deliver on a promise to protect their customers’ personal belongings.

The foundation of trust, dedicated industry experience and old-fashioned hard work binds us to our movers.”

~Mike Egan, Jr. – The Selzer Company

Mike, we couldn’t agree more! We tip our hats to you and all of our hard-working brokers and clients.

Weather Interrupts Truck Stop

As the nation endured harsh winter weather, many truck stop services were halted. While the worst of it is behind us, some are still recovering.

Emergency Declaration Extension

The FMCSA has extended their emergency declaration that offers regulatory relief to truckers through May 31, 2021.

Increase in Cyber Ransom Attacks

Cyber attacks have been expanding year over year with cyber ransom attacks becoming more prevalent. Since 2019 cyber ransom attacks have risen by 60% with no signs of slowing down.

Employee Vaccination Policy

With COVID-19 vaccinations becoming more available, employees safety should always be a top priority. Need a policy, but don’t know where to start? Take a look at HUB’s sample policy.

Do you have a proper ergonomic workstation?

You may have heard of workplace ergonomics and the role it plays in keeping you healthy and injury free, but how does that work when many workstations are now at home? It is just as important to maintain a proper ergonomic workstation at home for the same important reasons it was implemented in the office. With many different distractions at home and sometimes unconventional work set-ups, it is important to have a workstation that will not result in injury due to prolonged exposure to awkward work positions. Read more about some of the tips that AmTrust provides in creating your own ergonomic workstation.

The Roadmap to WC Risk

Learn how to navigate the workers’ compensation obstacles in moving and storage operations.


Fire Protection Impairment Procedure

It’s imperative to have a specific plan in place in the event that your fire protection systems become impaired or completely removed. Among many other things, fire protection systems are put in place to protect your employees, businesses and assets. The longer they are out of service, the higher your exposure to a potential fire hazard will be. In order to minimize your risk, AIG has created a guide to help you create a tailored plan for fire protection.

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