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New Year, New Spokesbox!

Happy 2021! I am excited to start off the New Year with the Mover’s Choice Team and bring my Out of the Box column to you every month, as well as making appearances on our social media channels. Look for industry trends, loss control resources, fleet safety, staffing advice and news you can use in your moving & storage operations. And when you hit the road during the peak moving & storage season, I’ll be right there with you, reporting from the field on a coast-to-coast road trip. As part of my journey, I’ll be visiting some of our special customers and brokers, so don’t be surprised if I stop in to see you.

To kick off this year with a topic that is no stranger to any of us, I bring you Moving Trends from 2020: The Viral Impact of Covid-19 on the Moving Industry.

Here are some highlights from the article:

  • Move 6’ Away: For social distancing, moving companies are now asking their customers NOT to take part in the move itself. If clients are packing their belongings themselves, companies are urging them to be 100% packed by Moving day to minimize contact.
  • Going Virtual: Due to the requirement for minimizing contact between movers and clients, most moving companies have started providing virtual quotes.
  • Commercial Break – 2020 has seen a drastic rise in commercial moves – an increase of 94.47%. Due to the pandemic, many companies have moved employees to working remotely, so they have chosen to either downsize their office spaces or relocate.
  • The Next Move – flexibility is key: having backup plans in place, adjusting budgets and modifying your practices as an adequate response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Nationwide Winter Weather Issues

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Winter Preparedness

We understand the importance for Workers’ Compensation options to cover all business needs. We are excited to announce that Mover’s Choice has the most flexible Workers’ Compensation solutions on the market including Monoline Workers’ Comp!

  • Monthly Payroll Reporting as little as $200 down!
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Monoline Workers’ Comp
  • Superior Loss Control and Claims Services

We look forward to working with you. If you would like more information about our flexible solutions please contact your Underwriter or our Workers’ Compensation Manager, Jason Williams today at or by phone at (800) 852-1968 ext. 130.

MC Dispatch Resource Library

Have you visited our Mover’s Choice Resource Library lately? It is filled with a variety of resources to help keep you moving. Download our Cyber infographic, one of many currently located on The Dispatch and other information for all of your Moving and Storage needs.


Cyber Coverage

Did you know that last year was the most aggressive year for Cyber-attacks across the country? 15 billion records were stolen and ransomware demands increased into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These types of data thefts and exploitations can be problematic and costly, and a business of any size could be a potential target. In an increasingly tech-oriented world, we are please to provide the Cyber Liability coverages that will protect our insureds against such losses. Take a look at our white paper briefing on how Data Breaches Put Moving & Storage Companies at Risk.

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