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Welcome to the Mover’s Choice newsletter.

There is a lot going on in the Moving and Storage industry this month!

5 Strategies for Successfull Small Business Renewals During COVID

Looking for new ways to shop renewals successfully during a pandemic? Check out the AmWins article.

CORONAVIRUS Resource Center

During this ever-changing climate of COVID-19 and the effects it has on businesses, being prepared is best answer. Visit HUB International’s Resource Center for valuable information.

Congress Passes Changes to Paycheck Protection Program

Great news: Congress passed a law for more flexibility in the PPP making it more business friendly. Read AMSA’s article for details.

COVID-19 Guide for Moving Companies

Need help adjusting to newly imposed guidelines? Please check out Supermove’s Guide for Moving Companies.

Heat Stress in the Workplace

As we begin to hit the peak of summer and temperatures reach an all time high, it is important to know how to identify and prevent heat stress in the workplace. Heat exhaustion begins to occur when an individual fails to consume enough fluids or salt throughout the day. Heat stroke can become life threatening and therefore any employee working in hot conditions must be aware of the symptoms and prevention of heat related illnesses. If you would like more information about the general awareness, symptoms and prevention of heat stress in the workplace, please click here.

Don’t forget our Workers’ Comp program offers the most flexible options on the market for as little as $200 down! Please contact Mover’s Choice today to learn more about our program (800) 852-1968.

Mover’s Choice Resource Library

Have you visited our Mover’s Choice Resource Library lately? It is filled with a variety of resources to help keep you moving. Download our Cyber infographic, one of many currently located on The Dispatch and other information for all of your Moving and Storage needs.

Have you checked out our other programs?

Did you know that last year was the most aggressive year for Cyber-attacks across the country? 15 billion records were stolen and ransomware demands increased into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These types of data thefts and exploitations can be problematic and costly, and a business of any size could be a potential target. In an increasingly tech-oriented world, we are please to provide the Cyber Liability coverages that will protect our insureds against such losses. Take a look at our white paper briefing on how Data Breaches Put Moving & Storage Companies at Risk.

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