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President’s Message:

After a long winter of rain, snow and big storms, it seems that the weather is finally starting to improve and with that one of the first tasks for many of us this time of year is some much needed spring cleaning.
But spring cleaning is not just a good idea for your personal life, it is in fact an equally good idea for your business.
In this issue, we are focusing a bit of Spring Cleaning:

  • New coverage enhancements
  • Recent changes to standardized general liability insurance policy forms for 2013
  • How to prepare for a DOT & BIT inspection
  • A fresh new look to our website

and most importantly…

  • Revisiting the advantages in coverage that Mover’s Choice provides.

Mover’s Choice writes the Business Auto Coverage Form with Trucker’s Endorsement which has some notable differences and coverage benefits over the Motor Carrier Form (MCCF) that is also available in the marketplace. The Motor Carrier Form has some very defined challenges as respects to independent contractors and if used as the form is intended would require most movers to dramatically change their Independent Contractor agreements. Greg Feary, a leading transportation attorney at Scopelitis, Gavin, Light, Hanson & Feary wrote a interesting article addressing this topic in their “Transportation Brief”. (read the article here)

In addition, we have developed an informative overview that relates to the moving and storage industry specifically (Read it here).

Lastly we developed a detailed coverage comparison for your review and have placed it on our website here.

You will see the main coverage differences between forms specifically the definition of “Who is an Insured”and the “Other Insurance”clause. After your review please contact us with any questions.

Our company’s mission is to continue to dedicate ourselves to providing the best insurance products and services to the moving and storage industry while supporting your efforts to service our joint customers. Paul Hanson Partners simply would not be here without you so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns at .

Mover’s Choice – New and Improved Website

Please visit our new loss control site which has been re-designed to enhance your experience as our customer. You will see improved framework, fresh content and easier navigation.

Are you familiar with our recent coverage enhancements that compliment our products for both Chartis and Zurich?

Some highlights of Mover’s Choice coverage enhancements include:

  • Property Basket – PLUS offers higher limits
  • General Liability – expands completed operations &definitions
  • Auto – expanding rental reimbursement, personal effects, pollution cleanup &more


DOT & BIT Inspections – Are You Prepared?

Companies that have been subjected to a DOT compliance audit often describe the experience as similar to a root canal.

However, a DOT review of your transportation safety program records and evaluation can be pain-free if your company’s management team understands the regulations to which they are subject and what records the DOT expects to see.

Read More


2013 Changes in the General Liability Multi-state Forms and Endorsements

Insurance Services Offices (ISO) is an organization that collects data, promulgates rates, and develops policy forms compliant with state regulations. ISO is revising various General Liability coverage forms and endorsements in 2013 to reflect the changing needs of insureds and insurers. Revisions include broadening of coverage, narrowing of coverage and editorial changes that have no impact on coverage. Conditional renewal notices with a copy of the ISO General Liability MultiState Forms Revision Advisory Notice will be released to policyholders in advance of their renewal. The Advisory notice will also be included with renewal quotes effective 5/1/2013.


AMSA has teamed with Consumer Reports & Angie’s List as a trusted resource for consumers. Follow the link to read more from Consumer Reports.


New Cargo Limit – $500,000
New Bond Limit – $500,000

The military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) is looking to increase capacity and will hold the first open season in the fall of 2013 since 2006.

Open season is a time for household goods movers to apply for Transportation Service Provider (TSP) status. This can result in a great deal of enthusiasm to allow new candidates an opportunity to apply for entry into the Department of Defense Personal Property Program.

SDDC also drafted new DOD Personal Property Qualification Rules (also called pamphlet 55-4) which, if passed, will take effect May 2014. Some of the new qualification rules include increases in the minimum Performance Bond and Cargo limits carried by the TSP.

As an underwriting facility for approximately 1,200 movers in the United States, Mover’s Choice and Paul Hanson Partners has been asked by many of our brokers and insureds to comment on the proposed SDDC changes with respect to bonds and cargo limits.

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