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Get Ready for Your Insurance Renewal

The MC Dispatch

Today we bring you a helpful guide to Preparing Your Company for Your Insurance Renewal. Mover’s Choice has created this valuable Risk Management Briefing to provide valuable tips for presenting your company in the best light to achieve the best insurance renewal. Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find in the briefing:

  • Timing order your loss runs 120 days before expiration. Review any open or outstanding claims that can be reduced or closed with your insurance carrier or adjuster. Then, with those claims closed or reduced, order the loss run again within 90 days of your expiration date.
  • Driver Data – prepare an updated driver list including name, date of birth, state of license, and license number. Run MVRs on your employees and contractors 100 days before your renewal so there are no surprises involving expired or suspended licenses or expired CDL requirements. Know your FMCSA score and be able to articulate violations or issues that have arisen over the last year and address your remediation results in your renewal packet.
  • Financial Documents –  have an updated financial statement from your CPA or tax return from the prior year to include and address any late payment issues that may appear on credit reports. 
  • Technology  – better ELD providers that provide dashboards displaying driving behavior, truck GPS tracking and front or interior cab cameras may get you better insurance rates, terms and conditions.

Download our Policy Renewal Prep Briefing Today

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