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In this issue of In the Driver’s Seat we take a look at a common road hazard, Low Hanging Wires and how Mover’s Choice Online can help you protect against related damages. Download our Dispatch Brief on Protecting Yourself Against Low Hanging Wires. Watch our Webinar on Driver Training videos to learn more preventative measures to mitigate your risk.

Prevention is Key

When a truck hits a wire, it can cause damage to the pole, vehicles and buildings to which the wire is attached, and the liability for these damages often lies with the moving company. Because recovering these costs is difficult, prevention is key. Truck drivers need to be vigilant about keeping track of vehicle heights and potential low hanging-wire hazards along their paths.

Protecting Against Low Hanging Wires

Download the Risk Management Brief

Driver Training

Mover's Choice Insurance 4 key factors of lane change collisions

Watch our Webinar on Risk Reduction Driver Training

  • Our insurance claims dashboard gives moving & storage companies the ability to mitigate risks and reduce costs with timely data and training. Tools are available to track data by location, employee or contractor. Short video trainings are available 24/7 and can be delivered in response to workplace claims.

Telematics By The Numbers

Transit studies have shown the effectiveness for video and telematics implementations.

  • 30% Decrease in Injuries & Claim Costs
  • 40% Decrease in Accidents
  • 50% Decrease in Speeding

Get on the Road to Safer Driving with Mover’s Choice Online
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