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Distracted Driving claims is a epidemic! Movers Choice has teamed up with Fleetmode to provide its customers a proven product to help reduce these types of auto accidents. On May 31 st at 1PM PST – Movers Choice and Fleetmode will be streaming a short webinar to discuss the advantages of this amazing product.

Fleetmode is an anti-distracted driving technology that promotes the prevention of distracted driving. In this webinar we plan to discuss the many benefits that Fleetmode has to offer to our loyal Mover’s Choice Customers. Fleetmode has been shown to reduce the number of accidents, and has also been shown keep our roads safer. With fewer accidents, comes lower expenses, and less claims which positively effects your company’s driving culture.

We invite you to join us for this webinar.

Registration is now open.
Reserve your spot today by registering at the below link!

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